This document describes enhancements and resolved issues available in Alchem-e version 6.3. Additional information is available in the user documentation available at docs.racami.com.

Resolved Issues


1. Company Management, Product Management & PDF Validation

Added a checkbox named “Enable PDF Validation” which is unchecked by default. If checked, a drop down will display that will require the user to select a PDF Indexing template.

2. Order Management

3. Data Importer – Exclude File Watcher types

The Data Importer table view was changed to exclude certain file types. Any Data Importer row with file type=FileWatcher will now be excluded from the Data Importer table view.

4. FTP Management & Move/Delete columns

5. Process Management Tab

6. Status Progression – Allowed Statuses

The GUI for view/edit Status Progression will now show allowed (checked) statuses first followed by unchecked statuses alphabetically. As the user checks any status, the status will be moved to the top section with all checked statuses.

7. Job to Job Details Cascade Update

Added a new “Cascade Job Status to Job Details Status” checkbox under the Parent Product. CIS will only cascade the Job status update (from Jobs to Job Details) if the checkbox is checked.

8. Status Updates & Job Status Classifications

9. Device Dashboard Labels

In the Device Dashboard tab, the Device Group description will now display instead of showing the Device Group name.

10. System Workflow Tab

Added a new tab named System Workflow under Admin View which will be visible by a new task named SYSTEM WORKFLOW.

11. Print Location & Webjet Printer

A new device type was added named “Webjet” to printer type for new/edit print location window. The Live Production drag & drop for the Webjet printer type will work the same as other printers.

12. Live Production Drag & Drop and Batched Jobs